Made for Channel 4, In Your Face is a 17-part series of short 10' films on the secret life of the contemporary British portrait. Each film is the story of an encounter told from the differing perspectives of artist and sitter (ranging from feminist Germaine Greer to actor John Hurt). Their separate takes on the finished portrait and its genesis reveal the personalities within the portrait and the unusual forces at play.

A new DVD entitled IN YOUR FACE will appear in February featuring seven films from the series plus the half-hour documentary PORTRAIT. Produced in association with The National Portrait Gallery, the DVD focusses on films that explore major pictures in their collection.

Made by Christopher Swayne & Bruno Wollheim
Original Music composed by Fratelli Brothers

Further information on In Your Face:

IN YOUR FACE Series One: Ten programmes on modern British portraits

  • John Hurt by Stuart Pearson Wright (12.30)
  • Neil & Glenys Kinnock by Andrew Tift (13.20)
  • Sir Bobby Charlton by Peter Edwards (11.25)
  • George Melly by Maggi Hambling (10.50)
  • Dame Marilyn Strathern by Daphne Todd (10.30)
  • The Building Staff, Holkham by Andrew Festing (13.20)
  • Mo Mowlam by John Keane (9.20)
  • Germaine Greer by Paula Rego (10.20)
  • Ross Kemp by Jonathan Yeo (7.40)
  • P.D. James by Michael Taylor (10.05)

IN YOUR FACE Series Two: Seven programmes on modern portraits

  • Chief John MacLeod by Jeff Stultiens (15.25)
  • Police Portraits 1 by Alan Parker (15.28)
  • Police Portraits 2 by Alan Parker (16.58)
  • Tim Wonnacott's Family by John Wonnacott (16.00)
  • Painting the Family by John Wonnacott (13.34)
  • Village Portrait by Annie Ovenden (15.31)
  • Royal & Other Portraits by Sergei Pavlenko (16.02)